My Travel Miles expired, why did I not receive any notifications?

We do our best to keep members informed. To receive expiration notifications, you'll need a valid email address on your profile and must be opted in to receive communications. We recommend taking the following steps to ensure the delivery of statements and notifications: 

  1. Be sure to include our domain ( as a friendly site so these statements and notifications are not marked as spam or junk by your email provider. 
  2. Opt-in for email updates. 
  3. We also recommend logging in regularly to your profile to ensure all trips taken include your frequent flyer number and to review your current expiration date. 

If you have chosen to opt-out, we are not permitted to email you and any monthly statements or expiration notifications will not be sent, but all information is available on the profile page. Even with an active email, there are some things outside of Frontier's control that may cause failure to deliver. Frontier is not responsible for undelivered emails.