¿Puedo recibir un recibo / itinerario por mi compra?

If you want to view, print or email you itinerary/receipt you can access through our website or our app. 

At our website you can access “Mi viaje” using your “Last Name” and the “Confirmation Code”, and select “Search”


From this page you can view, print and email confirmation or itinerary which will include charges.


Or you can use our app. The app can be added to your mobile phone by visiting Android or iOS

Once you have the app loaded on your phone, access the app.

Tap on the “3 bars” on the top left of the screen


Tap “My Flights”


Key your “Last Name” and “Confirmation Code”. Then tap the Retrieve button to display your booking.


Here you can click “Itinerary” to view or “Resend Email Itinerary”, both options will show your charges.