Family Pooling FAQS

Q. What is Family Pooling?

  1. No matter how you define your family, family pooling allows two or more members to link individual accounts for redeeming miles jointly. By combining your FRONTIER Miles together, mileage redemption becomes more attainable for families.

Q. Who is eligible for Family Pooling?

  1. All Frontier World Mastercard holders and members with Elite 20k status or above are eligible to head a family pool. Family pools may consist of one pool head and up to eight additional individual members.

Q. How do I join a pool?

  1. There are two ways you can join a pool:

    1. As a Frontier World Mastercard holder or an Elite member with Frontier Airlines you can create your own pool by inviting your friends using the [Start a Family Pool] button on your myFrontier Profile page.
    2. If you are not a Frontier World Mastercard holder or an Elite member, you may be eligible to join someone else’s pool who meets that criteria.
Don't know anyone with a Frontier World Mastercard or an Elite member? Begin your own pool by signing up for the Frontier World Mastercard today. Upon approval, your account immediately becomes eligible to head your own pool. Please keep in mind that each member invited to your pool must accept their invitation sent via email within 48 hours.

Q. What should I know before joining a family pool?

  1. The term "head" refers to the account holder to which all miles earned by each individual will be automatically linked. The term "individual" refers to any member who has accepted an invitation to link their miles to a new or existing pool.

Q. Upon joining a family pool, the individual is agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. Individual agrees not to hold Frontier Airlines responsible for any decision made by the head regarding utilization of the pool miles.
  2. An individual must have a pre-existing account before a request can be linked and processed.
  3. Individual agrees to have ALL transactions accrued on his/her individual account be combined with other members of the pool and that the pool head has authorization to redeem without any further permission while you are a member of that pool.
  4. Individual agrees that the head account holder will have access to see current balance information, account status and miles expiration date so long as they are a member of that pool.
  5. Individual agrees that all requests for an award ticket using the pool balance can only be initiated by the head account holder only. Individuals will still have access to their own mileage balance for redemption purposes.
  6. FRONTIER Miles members may only hold one myFrontier account.
  7. Individuals are only permitted to join one pool at a time. Requests to join multiple pulls will be automatically denied.
  8. Upon joining a pool, individuals understand that miles are redeemed on a first earned/first redeemed and is based on the entire pool’s transactions.
  9. Upon separation from a pool all remaining miles stay with the earning member.
  10. Pooled miles are not considered when determining tier status or tier status benefits.
  11. Individuals miles may still expire based on their last accrual and not the accrual of the entire pool.
  12. In the event the pool head becomes no longer eligible for a pool, the pool shall be dissolved and all individual miles will remain with the member that earned them.
  13. Individuals may leave a pool at any time. Upon leaving, there is a 90 day "cooling off" period that prevents you from joining another pool.
  14. All individuals in a pool must have a unique email address.