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Experts Weigh-In: Holiday Travel by Plane, plus COVID-19 Holiday Travel Hacks

Posted on Nov 23, 2020|By Kasey Willis

We're already starting to see many retail stores stocking the shelves with holiday decor and goodies. Yearly holiday rituals across the country - whether it's hanging the wreath on the front door or setting out the menorah - are also becoming more evident as we ease into the winter months. These reminders of the holidays to come have many of us thinking about our own plans during the upcoming months in a time of COVID-19. And people are wondering, "Is it safe to travel by plane over the holidays, or any time for that matter?"


What the experts are saying:

  • From Dr. David Powell, medical advisor to the International Air Transport Association: Your odds of contracting COVID-19 on a flight are about the same as your odds of getting struck by lightning.
  • From Harvard University researchers: the use of masks –combined with diligent cleaning protocols like those employed by Frontier and advanced ventilation and filtration systems on aircraft like those made by Airbus offer “significant protection against COVID-19 during air travel.” And the ventilation and air purification systems on our airplanes “effectively counter the proximity travelers are subject to during flights.”
  • From the Centers for Disease Control: Harvard University experts point out that the CDC has not confirmed a single case of viral transmission on a U.S. plane.
  • From the University of Arizona: Coronavirus can virtually be eliminated from airplane cabin surfaces by using the type of disinfecting techniques Frontier utilizes to clean our airplanes.
  • From the U.S. Air Force’s Transportation Command: when using masks, the spread of infectious particles on an airplane is even lower than in a conventional indoor setting. In fact, “being on a commercial airplane with HEPA filtration is probably one of the safest places that you can be.”
  • From Airbus engineers: Using the same advanced aerodynamic modeling used to design its airplanes, Airbus engineers tracked air flow aboard aircraft cabins. Millions of measurements and computer analysis showed that being one foot apart on these aircraft provides equivalent separation as being six feet apart in most buildings.


If you’ve already booked a flight to celebrate with friends or family, we wanted to share the following Covid-19 travel hacks. 


COVID-19 Travel Hacks



  • Check local travel regulations and/or restrictions concerning COVID-19 in the destination you are traveling to.
    • Be aware that some destinations are requiring that you quarantine, or are asking for covid tests, upon arrival. 
  • Traveling to visit elderly? Some people show little to no symptoms when they contract the virus. To play it safe, take a COVID-19 test prior to travel or upon arrival in your destination.
  • If you’re feeling ill, please stay home. 

Wear a Mask - it’s mandatory 

  • Make sure your nose and mouth are covered at all times
  • Supplement your mask with a face shield   


Create Less Contact 

  • Download the Frontier Airlines mobile app to check-in
  • Bring your own snacks and water bottle
  • Pack a carry-on suitcase to eliminate extra touch points at baggage claim 
  • Organize drop-off and pick-up at the airport with someone in your household vs. using car or shuttle service
  • Maintain 6 feet of social distancing 
  • At security, bring plastic bags to place your belongings in prior to placing in the bins

Pack a Sanitation Kit in your Carry-on

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Disinfectant Wipes
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Extra Mask, just in case!



  • While waiting for your pickup - sanitize yourself, as well as your personal belongings and baggage using disinfectant wipes 
    • Some people are going as far as sanitizing the bottoms of their shoes prior to entering a household


Still have yet to book your flight for the holidays? Visit for the latest promotions and fares. Happy Holidays from our family to yours.

We are committed to your health and safety! Click here to see all that Frontier is doing to ensure your well-being.


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