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Aviation Maintenance Technician Day

Posted on May 24, 2022|By Michelle Brier

We spent some time with some of our mechanics at the Frontier hangar and at DEN in honor of Aviation Maintenance Technician Appreciation Day, which is May 24.


“We run the day-to-day operation out here, keeping airplanes flying safe on a daily basis,” said Line Maintenance Supervisor Robert Dewall.

Line Maintenance Supervisor Robert Dewall

When talking to the Maintenance team about their experience at F9, the theme that came up the most was Frontier as a family.


“Frontier has been more of a family-type of operation, it’s not like the big majors,” said Frontier Mechanic Bryan Miller.

Frontier Mechanic Bryan Miller

“Frontier has always been more of a family feel,” said Aircraft Inspector Brian Carabelos.


"I've always enjoyed the guys I work with and you can't always say that about a lot of places. The guys I work with are family. I've worked with them for a long time."


It’s no surprise that the mechanics we talked to were drawn to Frontier because they love airplanes.


"I've always loved airplanes since I was a small child and I've always had the mechanical aptitude," said Robert. "I like tinkering with things. Airplanes are just cool and it's just fun."


"I like working on planes," said Bryan. "I just like seeing these planes fly. I like to keep them moving. If one's broken, it's neat to dive in and figure out what's actually wrong with it."

Aircraft Inspector Brian Carabelos

Each of the mechanics interviewed for this article has more than 20 years at Frontier - seeing a lot of change. Brian - who has been with Frontier for 25 years - started as a sheet metal guy. "We used to fabricate a lot of our own stuff and that doesn't happen anymore. The companies that sell the airplanes do all the fabrication, so it's all purchased outright instead of building it as we did."

Robert started when Frontier had about 9 airplanes.


"It's been a good journey," Robert said. "The company has been good to me from the start."

Maintenance Line Planner Nancy Cerda

"Working as an aircraft mechanic at Frontier Airlines has made me much stronger, as an individual. I'm doing things I never thought I would do or even thought I was capable of accomplishing," said Maintenance Line Planner Nancy Cerda.


“We have the best mechanics in the industry, period,” said Mechanic David Boyd.

Mechanic David Boyd

We couldn't agree more! Happy Aviation Maintenance Technician Day to everyone on our Maintenance Team.



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