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Celebrating 30 Years of Dedication: Honoring Frontier Airlines' Milestone Employees

Posted on Jun 20, 2024|By Stacey Van Cleve

2024 is a very special year for Frontier Airlines! On July 5, we will mark our 30th Anniversary, celebrating three decades of connecting people and places with our unique brand of service. To honor this momentous occasion, we are shining a spotlight on our fantastic team members who have been with us since the beginning. These exceptional employees joined Frontier in 1994 and have dedicated 30 years to our airline. Let's get to know these incredible individuals and learn what has kept them at Frontier for so long.


Mike Rider, Captain - Frontier’s Most Senior Employee

Start Date: May 16, 1994
Location: Denver (DEN)

Mike Rider began his journey with Frontier as a captain on the Boeing 737. Over the years, he has worn many hats, including being a check airman, assistant chief pilot, and Airbus acquisition team member. Mike's dedication to training and operational excellence has been instrumental in Frontier's success. His passion for flying and the close-knit family atmosphere at Frontier have kept him here for three decades. Mike is excited to continue his journey with Frontier, sharing his love for aviation with his colleagues and passengers.


Natalie Ordakowski, Flight Attendant 

Start Date: September 6, 1994
Location: Denver (DEN)

Natalie Ordakowski had always dreamed of being a flight attendant, and joining Frontier made that dream come true. In addition to her primary role, she has been a check flight attendant, a member of the recruiting team, and participated in Airbus training. Natalie's love for her job, the flexibility, and the strong bonds she has formed with her colleagues have made her 30 years at Frontier truly special. She cherishes the memories and friendships that have become like family over the years.


Lee Leopold, Flight Attendant

Start Date: October 1994
Location: Denver (DEN)

Arlethia "Lee" Leopold started her career in Frontier's Reservations Department before becoming a flight attendant. Lee has seen Frontier grow from a small airline with just five Boeing 737s to its robust operation today. Commuting for over 25 years, she values the flexibility and seniority that her position offers. One standout memory is her participation in certifying Frontier's first Airbus 319, a testament to her dedication and love for her role.


Timothy Cavender, Captain

Start Date: June 14, 1994
Location: Miami

Timothy Cavender joined Frontier as a technical writer and later became a captain. His involvement in training and certification has been pivotal, especially during the introduction of the Airbus fleet. Timothy's sense of accomplishment and the strong familial bonds within Frontier have motivated him to stay with the company for 30 years. A particularly special memory for him was performing Initial Operating Experience (IOE) with his son, marking a unique family milestone.


Patricia Boeff, Flight Attendant

Start Date: May 31, 1994
Location: Denver (DEN)

Patricia Boeff was part of Frontier's first class of flight attendants. Over the years, she has contributed to the airline by serving on the Hotel Committee and helping select crew accommodations. Patricia's fond memories include the camaraderie with her colleagues and the joy of being part of Frontier's growth and evolution. Her flexible schedule, seniority, and travel benefits have made her long tenure at Frontier a fulfilling experience.


Jocelyn Smith, Flight Attendant

Start Date: June 13, 1994
Location: Phoenix (PHX)

Jocelyn Smith began her career at Frontier as a gate agent in Fargo, ND, and later transitioned to the role of flight attendant. Her love for the Frontier family and the unique experiences shared with colleagues have kept her with the airline for 30 years. Jocelyn's extensive travel memories and passion for exploring new places highlight her adventurous spirit and dedication to her job.


Derek Ross, Captain

Start Date: June 1994
Location: Denver (DEN)

Derek Ross considers himself incredibly fortunate to have had a stable and rewarding career with Frontier since its inception. From being part of the first seniority list to witnessing Frontier's growth, Derek's journey has been filled with memorable moments. The friendships and experiences gained over 30 years have made his career at Frontier a truly enriching adventure.


Donna Cavos, Senior Manager Technical Pricing

Start Date: May 23, 1994
Location: Anywhere, USA

Donna Cavos started with Frontier before the airline even had its certificate, taking reservations for hopeful flights. Over the years, she has embraced various roles, contributing significantly to Frontier's operations. Donna's enthusiasm for learning and adapting to industry changes and the fantastic people she has worked with have been key factors in her long and fulfilling career at Frontier.


Yolanda Salazar-Diaz, Flight Attendant

Start Date: June 27, 1994
Location: Denver (DEN)

Yolanda Salazar-Diaz began her career as a reservation agent at Frontier and quickly became a flight attendant. Her love for the job and the Frontier family has been unwavering despite the ups and downs. Yolanda's passion for her "office in the sky" and her cherished memories with colleagues and passengers made her 30-year journey with Frontier a remarkable experience.


As we celebrate Frontier Airlines' 30th Anniversary, we honor these dedicated employees who have been with us from the beginning. Their stories, commitment, and passion have been instrumental in shaping the Frontier family we know today. Here's to 30 more years of connecting people and places and creating unforgettable memories. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey!

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