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Frontier Airlines Celebrates Black History Month: Voices of Empowerment and Inspiration

Posted on Feb 02, 2024|By Michelle Brier

February marks the beginning of Black History Month, a time to honor the African American community's rich contributions, struggles, and triumphs throughout history. At Frontier Airlines, we take pride in recognizing the diverse voices within our team, each bringing a unique perspective to the celebration. Let's hear from some of our outstanding members about what Black History Month means to them.


Tamara Hall: Embracing Black Excellence

Tamara has been a Flight Attendant with us for almost two years. To her, it's a time to unite and appreciate the accomplishments of our forefathers and the ongoing journey toward a brighter future. Tamara emphasizes the importance of highlighting Black Excellence, often overlooked in the media. She draws inspiration from the strength of Malcolm X, who broke free from mental chains.


Megan Medina: Journeying towards Dreams

Based in Dallas, Megan Medina has been with Frontier since July 2023. As a flight attendant, Megan fulfills a lifelong dream of seeing the world. For her, Black History Month is a global reflection on unity within the diaspora. She admires Viola Davis for significantly impacting the arts and serving as a role model for aspiring individuals, proving that greatness knows no boundaries.


Layota Thomas: A Passion for Service and History

Layota Thomas has been with Frontier for eight months as a Flight Attendant. For Layota, becoming a flight attendant is not just a job but a means to experience different cultures and provide excellent customer service. Black History Month, she believes, is about liberation, acknowledging ancestors and change-makers. Layota draws inspiration from the legendary Maya Angelou.


Karen Bailey: Contributing to Legacy and Growth

As a flight attendant at Frontier for two and a half years, Karen Bailey was drawn to the job by the opportunity to contribute to a company prioritizing customer satisfaction. Black History Month is a time for her to reflect on her legacy and consider how she can shape the future. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. serves as a profound inspiration for Karen, with his ability to instigate positive change and inspire hope.


Tiffany Allen: Representing Diversity and Contributions

Tiffany Allen, a Frontier Flight Attendant for one year and nine months, sees Black History Month as representing the rich and diverse contributions, struggles, and achievements of people of African descent. It serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle for racial equality and justice. Tiffany admires Larry Robinson for his significant contributions to investigating the possible role of arsenic and serving as interim president of Florida A&M University.


At Frontier Airlines, we celebrate Black History with gratitude for the incredible individuals who shape our company and contribute to a legacy of diversity, strength, and resilience. Join us in reflection, acknowledgment, and empowerment.

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