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Positive Vibes from Team Frontier

Posted on Apr 15, 2020|By Fran the Sea Lion

Stay at Home orders across much of the United States, the uncertainty of COVID19 and when we’ll start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, has many of us feeling antsy and stressed.  

During this time, Team Frontier has remained steadfast, positive and committed to the health and safety of our customers. Long hours have gone into ensuring clean and well-maintained planes, safe travel, customer care and overall exceptional day to day operations. It's a big job and we've collectively been working round the clock.  

That said, we figured we'd ask some of our staff how they're currently relaxing on and off the job and how they handle stress. Here are some of their answers:  


Tamika C., Operations - Philadelphia, PA 

"These are stressful times and I find comfort in spending time with my two sons who bring me joy and peace every day. I take things one day at a time and I am comforted in knowing that one day this will all be over."  

"We will come back stronger than before. I hope our customers are continuing to keep themselves healthy and safe through this tough time. Thank you and hope to see you all again soon!" 

Left to Right: Tamika C., Rich A., and Cher M.

Rich A., Regional Manager - Great Lakes/Chicago, IL 

"As for what I do in my spare time, as well as how I de-stress, I've been binging quite a bit of TV lately. Also helping my two cats adjust to "daddy" being home more and not on the road. I also love to volunteer." 

"Recently one of the distilleries in Chicago (Koval) started making hand sanitizer for hospitals, first responders and organizations in need. We're forming a careful group of volunteers to help deliver these supplies to those who need. I was lucky to do the first delivery to a school/center working with the disabled. It's a definite feeling of making a difference!" 

“P.S. - Thank you to our customers - people matter.” 


Cher M., Analyst, SOC (Systens Operation Control) - Denver, CO  

"I have made a conscious effort to get plenty of sleep (and to stay away from the refrigerator)! My family and I sit out on the back patio in the evening for a sense of normalcy."  

"I was a professional seamstress for a few years and have tons of fabric. In my spare time I have been sewing the cloth shield masks to send to local hospitals, which makes me feel like I am contributing to the medical community in this fight against the virus."  


AC P., Flight Attendant and Instructor - Orlando, FL 

"On the aircraft, a smile goes a long way. I try to make crew and passengers laugh to get through these stressful times. I greet passengers warmly and provide excellent customer service. One word - compassion." 

"When I am not at work, I have been trying to stick to a routine, catch up on rest, meditate/pray and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated (as Flight Attendants, we tend not to drink enough water). I go for a walk to get some fresh air, so I am not cooped up all day inside. In addition, I am trying to put up boundaries, like limiting the amount of time I watch to the news or talk about COVID-19. I'm even going to challenge myself - I found a free online private pilot ground school…FREE! Why not?!"  

Left to Right: Amber S., AC P.

Amber S., Captain, Program Designee and Line Check Airmen - NV, CO & FL 

"While at work, to calm my stress, I go on long walks while on layovers. While at home, I like to go on outdoor adventures with my husband and three kids. I live in beautiful Washington State - whether I am on the water or enjoying the views from my backyard - I'm relaxed." 

"It's important to myself, and my family, to lend a hand in the local community whenever we can. Our next-door neighbor is a doctor and was in need of N95 protective masks for the local ER. My family and I reached out to our neighbors and friends for help. We were able to round-up many extra masks people had laying around in their garages and quickly got them in the hands of frontline ER doctors."     

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