Al the Roadrunner
Buck the Pronghorn
Cactus the Coyote
Cali the Mountain Lion
Champ the Bronco
Chinook, el lobo gris
Choo the Pika
Chocolate the Moose
Cliff the Mountain Goat
Clover the Deer Fawn
Cody and Dakota
the Coyotes
Colorado the Bighorn Sheep
Courtney the Cougar
Crockett the Raccoon
Cruz, el zorro de la isla
Cubby the Bear
Eccles the Ermine
Ed, Edwin and Eddie the Penguins
Elrey the Elk
Grizwald the Grizzly Bear
Hazel the Chipmunk
Hops the Rabbit
Hunter the Bobcat

Jack the Rabbit
Joey the Opossum
Joe Bob the Badger
Jojo the Bear
Junior the Lynx
Lone Star the Longhorn Steer
Luna and Lilly the Wolves
Marshall the Ring-tailed Cat
Marty the Marmot

Max the Lynx

Meadow and West the Horses

Midnight the Wolf

Mitch the Wolverine
Peachy the Fox

Poppy the Prairie Dog

Rio the Jaguarundi

Ruby the Reindeer

Sammy the Squirrel

Scout the Pine Marten

Spot the Jaguar

Sunny the Collared Lizard

Tex the Armadillo

Trixie the Fox

Virginia the Wolf

Watson, el ciervo de los Cayos

Wilbur the Whitetail

Wiley the Bison

Wylie the Coati

Xavier the Mountain Goat