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The Manage Your Trip section of allows travelers or their Travel Agents to use the Frontier Record Locator and Customer Last Name to access their reservation in order to access a myriad of services including the ability to pre-purchase carry-on or checked baggage, specific seat assignments in advance, check-in online, print boarding passes, or change, cancel or modify existing reservations.

PLEASE NOTE: Fees and/or fare differences may be applicable. Todas las compras anticipadas de equipaje y asientos deben pagarse con tarjeta de crédito. No se aceptará ninguna otra forma de pago para compras en línea de equipaje y/o asientos.


Frontier Airlines (F9) is hosted in Navitaire (1N) New Skies system.


Frontier participates in the following Global Distribution Systems (GDS): Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport (including Apollo, Galileo and Worldspan). Please be familiar with the specific formats and requirements of each system for booking ticketless/Guaranteed Ticketing carriers.

Frontier utilizes teletype (TTY) connectivity for availability and will open and close inventory with AVS messaging. F9 flight schedules will be available for booking up to 330 días in advance of departure date in the GDS systems. 

Frontier Airlines offers two different products on the GDS: Standard and Bizfare. Booking classes C and J correspond to Bizfare. All other classes respond to Standard.

The standard product includes one personal item, which must be placed under the seat. A larger carry-on bag or checked bags can be added through Frontier website or mobile app, or at the check-in desk, subject to payment of the corresponding fee. Seats and other additional services can also be purchased through the website, the mobile app or at the airport. Details may be found on Frontier's optional service page

In addition to the inclusions on the Standard product. Details on inclusions of Bizfare can be found at 

Services included in the Bizfare must be added through Frontier website or mobile app. Additional services not included in the Bizfare, like checked bags, can be purchased also through the website and the mobile app or at the airport.

Frontier utiliza conectividad de teletipo (TTY) para disponibilidad, y abrirá y cerrará inventario con mensajes AVS. F9 flight schedules will be available for booking up to 330 days in advance of departure data in the GDS systems.

In the GDS environment, travel agency will always receive the lowest available fare for the Class of Service requested. Frontier no ofrece tarifas con descuento para niños, militares ni el gobierno.

In the event of fare mismatches, the GDS pricing should be considered informative and only the interactive price returned from Frontier at End Transaction is considered final and valid. If there is no valid fare for the itinerary booked in the GDS, then Frontier will return a NO response. Si el vuelo está cerrado, lleno o la clase de servicio específica está cerrada, Frontier devolverá una respuesta UC, independientemente de la disponibilidad que aparezca en el GDS.

Frontier Airlines is a completely ticketless airline. En algunos GDS, esto se denomina Guaranteed Ticketing (boletos garantizados) o EPAY. Frontier no acepta boletos impresos ni electrónicos como formas de pago válidas para viajar. Agents must provide valid payment within four (4) hours of making the booking for Standard or within twenty-four (24) hours of making the booking for Bizfare, otherwise the PNR code (or itinerary) will be deleted. Frontier no restablece PNR eliminados.

Travel agency reservations made via the GDS must transmit a valid form of payment within four (4) hours of the booking creation for Standard or within twenty-four (24) hours of making the booking for Bizfare using a credit card. The reservation will automatically cancel in the Frontier system if payment is not received within this timeframe. When making a booking on Frontier all the segments of the PNR must be "F9", no other airlines can be in the record.

Frontier procesará la información de pago y devolverá un localizador de registro al PNR. Una vez que Frontier haya confirmado la reserva, los segmentos se validan y cualquier modificación futura al PNR queda sujeta a restricciones y/o cargos.

Travel agents must ensure bookings are paid and confirmed before sharing the PNR's with passengers. 

It is vital that the travel agent changes the TK element to TKOK in order to remove any ticketing time limits from GDS bookings once payments are submitted. If this is not done, the GDS system will send Frontier a cancellation message when the time limit is reached, and the Frontier system will automatically process the XX and cancel the reservation.

The travel agent must mark the booking ticketed which removes the TTL - on ticketless PNRs. Cuando una aerolínea sin boletos confirma la forma de pago y valida la reserva devolviendo el HK, el elemento TKXL no se actualiza automáticamente. Al usar TKXL en un PNR sin boleto debes cambiar el estado del elemento TK a TKOK una vez que se reciba la confirmación.


Bookings can be put on hold if the form of payments is not included at End Transaction. At End Transaction, Frontier will return the valid price of the itinerary requested and if acceptable, then agents are requested to submit the form of payment at that time. Once payment is received, the record will be updated and is considered balanced or zero due If payment is not received within the expected window, Frontier automatically will cancel the booking and will send a cancellation message to the GDS PNR.

IMPORTANTE: las reservas hechas dentro del día previo a la salida programada del vuelo deben pagarse al momento de crear la reserva. El PNR debe tener una forma de pago válida antes de finalizar la transacción. Bookings made within one day of scheduled flight departure will not be put on hold and will receive a "BOOKING CAN NOT BE PUT ON HOLD" response with a NO status.

Frontier will provide the agency with an invoice or Reference number for agency internal processing purposes. Frontier no conserva los números de factura o referencia que envía para ayudar a las agencias con sus procesos de gestión y administración, y estos números no tienen ninguna relación con el valor de la transacción sin boleto. Frontier cannot retrieve or reference any of the invoice or Reference numbers sent after End Transaction.

Frontier's Invoice or Reference numbers will begin with "422" but have no relationship to any "ticket number" and cannot be retrieved by Frontier's Revenue Accounting System.

El siguiente es un ejemplo de un mensaje con número de Referencia o Factura devuelto al registro de GDS: OSI 1S TKNO 4220074059220


OSI 1S DISREGARD TKNO/AMT DEBITED IF YOU ISSUED PAPER OR ETKT (please disregard this last line in the OSI response. Estamos trabajando para que la quiten).

When an agency submits a credit card for a new reservation that is declined, the system will hold the reservation for 15 minutes allowing time for a new form of payment to be sent. La reserva se cancelará después de 15 minutos. If a credit card is declined on the payment of an exchange or fee collection for a change, this will cause an out-of-balance situation for the record and the agency or the traveler must contact the Frontier Contact Center to provide a valid form of payment before travel. This situation is not subject to the 15-minute cancellation period.

Travel agents may request a full refund for a GDS booking within 24 hours from the booking creation (except for tickets purchased for travel within 7 days/168 hours of purchase), by canceling all segments within the PNR. The transaction will be placed on a queue to be worked within the Frontier Airlines system for a refund to the original credit card form of payment. Beyond 24 hours from the booking creation, any amounts due back to the customer (including tickets purchased within 24 hours, but for travel within 7 days) will be placed on credit shells that are valid for 90 days.

Los boletos no reembolsables se reembolsarán si el cliente o el acompañante de viaje no pueden tomar el vuelo por fallecimiento u orden militar. Dupporting documents and/or paperwork will need to accompany the refund request. Please contact the Contact Center for additional information.

For any GDS bookings, travel agents can make changes or modifications within 24 hours of the original booking being made without incurring fees or charges, except for a fare difference, as applicable. Within 24 hours of flight departure. travel agents MUST contact the Contact Center directly for any change requests. Outside of 24 hours, travel agents can make changes and/or modifications via their GDS or at

A new SSR OTHS or SSR EPAY payment message may be required each time a new segment is added, changed or modified on an existing reservation via the GDS. Customers must pay the change fee plus any fare difference if applicable.

Any PNR's can have segments exchanged or canceled within the GDS., However, change fees and any additional fare required must be sent with the form of payment within 4 hours of the booking or the segments will automatically cancel. 

Any remaining balance of an unused segment is forfeited. Las reservas hechas a través del GDS solo se pueden pagar con tarjeta de crédito, no se pueden usar créditos Credit Shell. Los créditos Credit Shell solo se pueden usar directamente con Frontier.

Una vez pagada la transacción sin boleto, la agencia de viajes no puede hacer cambios de nombre ni transferencias. However, all Frontier issued tickets regardless of issue date are able to have name changes completed through Frontier's My Trip at or through the Frontier Contact Center. Estas solicitudes estarán sujetas a un cargo por cambio de nombre más cualquier diferencia de tarifa que corresponda. El cargo por cambio de nombre se cobra aparte, por lo que la factura del viajero mostrará dos cargos por separado. Residual value from the exchange does not apply toward the same change fee.

All Frontier Airlines tickets, regardless of date of ticket purchase, might be charged a change/cancel fee. Encontrarás más información aquí.

BizFare tickets include flexibility with no change or cancellation fees (fare and options price difference may apply). 

Las transacciones de viaje sin boleto para bebé son obligatorias para todos los vuelos internacionales. El cargo por bebé, si corresponde, se aplicará cuando el agente de viajes envíe el SSR INFT; si está incluido en la solicitud de reserva inicial, se incluirá en el costo total de la reserva. If the infant SSR is added after the adult passenger is paid, then the INFT SSR fee can be paid at that time or at time of check-in.

For domestic U.S flights, lap infants under the age of 2 do not require separate ticketless transactions unless they are occupying their own seat.

Travel agents must actively ask customers whether they wish to have their contact details provided to Frontier for the purpose of contacting them in cases of operational disruptions and advise passengers that they may not receive notifications from Frontier related to schedule changes, flight cancellations or irregular operations if they refuse to provide such information.

Contact details shall be entered in the booking using standard formats: OSI CTCE or SSR CTCE to provide email address, and SSR CTCM to provide mobile phone number.

Frontier accepts the following credit cards for ticketless travel: American Express, Discover Card, Master Card, Visa, UATP

Las tarjetas de crédito se procesan inmediatamente cuando se finaliza el PNR. Frontier will honor a 24-hour refund (from the time of booking) to the original Form of Payment so long as the credit card has been processed. Within the 24-hour period, the travel agent can cancel all the segments in the PNR and the transaction will be placed on a queue to be worked within the Frontier Airlines system for a refund to the original credit card form of payment. All GDS bookings may be accessed for refund status (or any status') by going to and entering (one of) the passenger last name and PNR under the My Trips tab for access. or at:

Listed below are the actual SSR OTHS formats Frontier supports from each of the GDSs.

En cada uno de los ejemplos se aplica la siguiente clave:
F9=Navitaire New Skies Hosted Airline Code (Frontier)
VI = el tipo de tarjeta de crédito: AX, MC, VI, etc.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx= the credit card number
mmyy= the month and year of the expiration date
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz= the credit card holder name

SSR EPAY F9 NN1-CC/Vlxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/EXP08 05-FIRST LAST NAME

3OTHS/CH zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Entrada de agente en Apollo (1V)
>@:3 SSR OTHS F9 NNX Vlxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/Dmmyy/zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Entrada de agente en Galileo (1G)
>V.AF9* Vlxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/Dmmyy/zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Worldspan(1P) Agent Entry
>3SSR OTHS HK1 CCVlxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/EXPmmyy/zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Upon execution of a schedule change by Frontier, a message will be generated to the booking agency for action. Los agentes de viajes deben accionar el mensaje para sincronizar el PNR del GDS con la reserva de Frontier. Once updated, the new schedule information should be passed on to the customer by the travel agency, ensuring travelers have the most up-to-date travel information.

If Frontier has a schedule change, customers can change the impacted flight to a new flight that is one day prior, one day later or to another flight that day at or by contacting Frontier Contact Center. No se cobrará ningún cargo por cambio ni diferencia de tarifa. If a customer should choose to cancel their flight as a result of a schedule change, the cancellation fee will be waived, and the funds will be placed on a Credit Shell for future use. If a customer should choose to cancel their flight as a result of a schedule change, the cancellation fee will be also waived, and the funds will be placed on a Credit Shell for future use. Solamente se harán reembolsos a la forma de pago original si el cliente lo solicita y tras la evaluación de las opciones disponibles por parte de un representante de Frontier.


Should your agency use more than one GDS, you may not duplicate segments by moving segments between GDSs. Frontier will not be held liable for duplicate segment fees incurred by the movement of segments between GDS. Frontier Contact Center will not assist an agency attempting to claim a PNR owned by another GDS. Any duplicate segment fees will be billed back to the agency on a debit memo. You may not create active or passive duplicate bookings. Any combination of bookings for a passenger(s) which realistically or legally cannot be flown (i.e - flights out of sequence, two flights at overlapping times, flights not adhering to legal connection times, etc.) will be considered a duplicate booking. 

All GDS bookings must either be completed as a ticketless transaction per tariff rules or cancelled in the GDS immediately when they are no longer required. 

No se permiten los segmentos pasivos o abiertos.

Frontier does not currently have ticketing and baggage agreements with any other carriers.

La cantidad máxima de segmentos permitida será de 16 cupones en una transacción de viaje sin boleto de Frontier.


Travel agents are not allowed to hold inventory for potential future sales. Bookings may not be held for more than 4 hours for Standard or twenty-four (24) hours for Bizfare before payment is required, the booking will automatically cancel. Se debe ingresar el nombre completo y el título de cada pasajero al momento de la reserva. Name changes are permitted for a fee if the customer contacts Frontier Contact Center. Las correcciones de nombres solo se permiten si están mal escritos o para que coincidan con documentos legales.

En ningún caso se permiten reservas ficticias o especulativas, que incluyen bloquear o guardar una reserva en anticipación a la posible demanda.

Segment status changes because of schedule changes, irregular operations, flight firming, flight cancellations or other circumstances will be queued to the GDS and must be actioned at least 24 hours prior to flight departure. Esto incluye cancelar segmentos con un código de estatus UN, NO, HX, WK, WL o WN. Travel agents must also action or cancel segments with status codes UC, US, or DS.

Travel agents may not use the Frontier airline designator "F9" with fictitious flight numbers to store flight information for a carrier not listed in the GDS.


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